Businesses Save, Schools Win...

Imagine as a business owner being able to implement an innovative solution that allows you to donate to your alma mater at no cost to you. In fact, using Alumni Merchant Services as your credit card processing service will most likely save you money each month.

Alumni Merchant Services is an innovator in the credit card processing industry. We have created a value-priced platform that allows us to donate a portion of your processing fees on your behalf to the college, university or school of your choice. That's right, not only will we save you money on your merchant service fees, but we will take a portion of those fees and donate them to your school in your name.

At AMS we are a strong believer in the power of education and know that most people would love to financially support their school or increase the support that they already provide. We work with small, medium and large accounts in all environments from retail to the internet and provide hassle-free processing solutions for all major credit and debit cards.

Let us help you and in turn help you support your school. Our slogan “businesses save, schools win" is for real.